5 Ways Our Life Will Improve Thanks To IKEA

From knickknacks to swedish food--what's not to love?

B-Town Buzz | Elyse Johnson | November 15, 2015

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You might be living under a rock if you haven’t heard the news: Indiana is getting an IKEA!

The company and city officials announced Tuesday that a new location would be opening in Fishers, Indiana in fall of 2017. Fishers–just over an hour drive from Bloomington–will surely see a huge influx of business as Hoosiers from all over the state make the pilgrimage to the almighty Scandinavian furniture store, (myself included.)

So, what’s to expect when the store finally opens in the future? Here are a few ways having an IKEA nearby just might change your life for the better:

1.We’ll have something new to do on Saturdays!

They even have a restaurant inside, so you never have to leave!
They even have a restaurant inside, so you never have to leave!

Look, we all love Bloomington, but sometimes walking down Kirkwood or going to College Mall every Saturday afternoon gets boring. And after tailgate season ends, that eliminates another option. But with the new IKEA, we’ll finally have something else to do. Just get in the car and drive about 1.5hr northeast, and you’ll find your new weekend day-trip spot.

2. You could turn your lackluster college apartment into a chic, Swedish oasis.

Imagine your Stadium Crossing apartment looking this beautiful.
Imagine your Stadium Crossing dump looking this beautiful.

Another fabulous thing about IKEA is that their prices aren’t too shabby. So, if you’re looking to toss out that old couch you found by a dumpster and find something new, this is the place to go. Finally, you can turn your gross, outdated apartment into a sleek and modern flat without breaking the bank!

3. Always want to try new, strange foods? You’ll have your chance at IKEA!

I think those are meatballs of some kind?
I think those are meatballs of some kind?

If you’re one of those types that prefers shopping for interesting food over shopping for furniture, you’re all set at IKEA. They regularly stock traditional Swedish dishes and snacks in their food market; plus with the restaurant inside, you’ll be able to munch on all sorts of weird shit while your friends explore the bedding section.

4. We’ll find all the dumb knickknacks we never knew we needed.

What even is this stuff? IDK but I want it.
What even is this stuff? IDK but I want it all.

If you’re like me, you love to buy stupid things with money that you shouldn’t spend. We’re in luck at good ol’ IKEA. Not only can you not pronounce the Swedish names of most of their products, but sometimes you won’t even know what the hell they are. What you DO know is that this random stuff looks really fun, and you’re gonna spend your money on it. Yay for useless material items!

5. You’ll have the opportunity to work on your patience by putting together new IKEA furniture!

What the hell?
WTF is this even supposed to be?

Some of us really need to work on being more patient. Luckily, IKEA can improve this for you too. When you bring home your new TORKEL chair and take it out of the box, you’ll find some absolutely impossible instructions with little to no explanation of the steps to put your chair together. You’ll have to work really hard on not screaming and throwing pieces of it out the window. This struggle will build character and the virtue of patience, and you’ll have a new office chair as a byproduct. Thanks IKEA!