The Beauty Of Bloomington

They say fresh air is good for you

B-Town Buzz | Gabriel Gaynor | October 27, 2015

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As an IU student everyone knows how to have fun on the weekends. Whether it be going to parties or a night at the bars, but there are many other great activities in the Bloomington area.

One of this town’s greatest sources of entertainment is the Comedy Attic, named by USA Today as one of the top ten comedy clubs in the nation. Every weekend they have new comedians that will have you, your friends, a date, or whomever you choose to take splitting your sides with laughter. This outing is for everyone from freshman to alumni as they accept minors, but also serve “adult beverages” for the 21 crowd. The Comedy Attic is a great place to eat, drink, and laugh. Every time I have gone it has been a night to remember, and left me wanting to go back.

There are also a lot of beautiful outdoor destinations in Bloomington too. I will only mention a few of my personal favorites, but if you like fresh air and exercise you should check them out. The first is McCormick’s Creek, which is only 20 minutes off campus. Here you can find trails to walk that will help you relax before the end of the semester comes, and you can sneak in some exercise time as well. The trails at McCormick’s Creek give you a chance to explore the lesser known side of Bloomington. During the fall you can see the colors of the leaves change and try to savor the last bit of warmth we have left. Before leaving you have to travel to the historic wolf cave and look inside. I promise it is safe. Try to challenge yourself to reach the end.

If you are someone who enjoys a great view than a trip to the Hickory Ridge Lookout Tower (also know as the “Fire Tower”) is a must. Once at the top there is an amazing view of the Hoosier National Forrest bellow. Right now all of the trees are changing colors and it could not be a better time to check out one of our area’s greatest adventures. These kinds of options is what makes IU unique and captivating. Don’t miss out on all that there is to offer in Bloomington during your 4 (maybe 5?) years here. With winter coming soon there isn’t a better time to branch out and visit one of the many local and state parks. You only go to college once, make some memories that you will actually remember.