Why Every College Girl Should Live by The Lala

The More You Know | Kaitlyn Beck | December 14, 2015

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What is The Lala, you ask?

The Lala is your best friend, your bible, your go-to advice outlet and a way to stay in touch with thousands of other women like you. The Lala is your compass for all things college and women. They know college women are much more than the typical party girl. So, it’s time a publication expressed what college women truly are. The Lala focuses on real women, issues, topics and content. Read their mission statement  to get extra inspired and up to speed.

So, here are just SOME of the reasons why you should live the Lala life.

  1. Get inspired every Sunday evening, ready to hit the ground running Monday morning. The Lala allows you to subscribe to their “Sunday Funday” newsletters that are sent out each week to update readers on content that they may have missed. Stay connected without having to trail through the website.
  2. Learn to be a #girlboss. Many articles have tips that range from tweaking your resume to landing your dream internship. All of which can be very helpful and applicable to you, regardless of your major or interests.
  3. FOOD. The website provides a whole section devoted to food. There are not only tasty drinks and recipes, but also date ideas, grocery shopping tips and food budgeting. This section has been especially vital to me, seeing as I can’t cook OR budget for shit.
  4. Get the scoop on important issues. It’s vital to keep up with real world issues, and The Lala provides the content in simple terms. Content covers issues we hear about in the news, but also social changes or movements that aren’t as popular. There are so many things going on to become aware of and the website does a great job of prioritizing the relatable ones.
  5. Learn to live a healthy lifestyle. Although the topic seems repetitive, articles bring light to serious issues women need to be aware of. The content covers breast cancer awareness, motivational workout tips, STDs and mental health information. This section truly has something everyone could benefit from.
  6. Get dope music hookups. The Lala is up to date on the latest music and hottest artists. However, the music isn’t the kind you find on the iTunes top ten. Lesser known artists dominate the list. You’ll have the hottest playlist before your friends even know the artists.
  7. Learn useful, simple DIYS. No one loves DIYS more than college girls, and The Lala provides easy, practical ones. Even better, their videos are too cute and make the process easier to understand.
  8. Be a part of something bigger than yourself. The Lala is not just a website with relatable content. It’s raw and it’s real. The website makes it easy to feel in touch with other college girls, because we’re all reading and supporting the same things. We all have chosen to read The Lala and subscribe to the newsletters because we want real news and real conversation. We are REAL women.

SO, love what you’ve heard? Want to become more involved and join The Lala fam? Apply to become a marketing/PR rep on your campus (like me) or apply to be a writer or photographer. Whichever you apply for, you are sure to form new connections and gain awesome experience. Visit the application page to learn more!!