Finals Week: Your Relationship WILL Be Tested

Uncategorized | Ben Yamaguchi | December 10, 2015

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Dead week may be in full force, but there are many of you out there that will face one of the biggest decisions of your college career on Sunday, December 13th. If you’ve gutted out a playoff spot with a sub-.500 winning percentage, and are pulling a Washington Redskins, I’m talking to you. If you’ve absolutely dismantled your friends week in and week out, pulling a Carolina Panthers, I’m talking to you. But if you’ve been partying too much and are pulling a Cleveland Browns (sorry Johnny), then stop reading now. Whatever your excuse is for not making the playoffs this year, keep it to yourself, stop reading, and I wish you the best of luck with your studies on Sunday.

But for everyone that is in contention, week 14 of Fantasy Football is upon us. Yes, finals are upon us too, on Monday for many of us. That is why you will be faced with a very difficult decision. With game times in the frame of 1 pm, 4 pm and 8 pm, the TV will be your worst enemy. And because you’ve reached the playoffs, you’ve most likely invested your heart into your team, much like you would with a relationship.

Consider this scenario: you study all day for finals, feeling good about yourself and not checking scores. Then right before the night game kicks off and you’ve just about mastered the exam material, you pull out your phone to check your matchup. Your eyes light up—you’re getting absolutely ravaged by Joe, your best friend, who you thought slipped through the cracks into the playoffs with an absolutely heinous team.

This is what happens when you cheat on your team with studies.

I encourage you to stick to your relationship vows—coach to player. Remember your draft? Remember selecting each player individually and then staring at your team every day until the season began, in pure infatuation? The weeks wore on, but you were there by your team’s side every time. So how can you just call it quits after everything you’ve been through? You can’t, because YOU affect the outcome. It’s a mutual relationship, not commensalism. The amount of cheering you do while watching your players can help you win. Amazing! Right? It may not seem like you have an effect, but trust in the values of love and devotion, and you’ll see. Even if you lose, the memories will dispel any vanity.

So when the clock hits 1:00 pm, I don’t expect you to be at Wells library—I expect you to be on your couch in front of a Red Zoned TV (the gateway to your relationship), with a cold beer in hand, while you give 110% of your passion to your players that have journeyed with you from goal post to goal post. If you’re worried about that final on Monday, fear not. Simply consult “The College All-Nighter” article that I wrote last week, and you’ll be fine.

God forbid you have players going on Monday night.