How Netflix Can Double As A Study Aid

Guilty Pleasures | Kaitlyn Beck | October 27, 2015

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A wise roommate once told me, “There’s always time to fit Netflix into your schedule.” Besides the fact that she was extremely wrong, she wasn’t completely on the wrong track. There’s not always time to binge watch ‘Orange is the New Black’, but there are times in which my Netflix expertise helped me with subject material in class. Here are 5 series that in fact, align with classes.

  1. Grey’s Anatomy: That’s right. Binge watch away. To the fellow Grey’s addicts, don’t deny the terminology and medical vocab you now poses. My healthcare management intro class covered so many things I was surprisingly familiar with. Where could I have possibly learned this stuff?? Oh, I learned it from the comfort of my iPad in bed. “Push one of epi.”
  1. How to Get Away With Murder: Criminal justice majors or future lawyers out there?? Aside from it being a super intriguing show, it’s very accurate and legitimate when it comes to legal terms and the logistics of law. The show follows the main character, a criminal defense attorney, through the court cases and class lectures. “And that’s how you get away with murder.”
  1. Parks and Recreation: Besides discovering my spirit character, Leslie Knope, I actually learned a thing or two about government. Parks department majors, anyone?? Kidding. BUT you do follow Leslie through her campaign for city council. Hence, getting the basics of government and city council policies. “I’m, like, a white male U.S. senator.”
  1. Scandal: You don’t have to feel guilty about binge watching your life away because you’re probably learning the basics of politics and law. Learning so in a much more juicy, entertaining way than you would in a government policy lecture. Watch the controversial things that commonly happen in politics behind closed doors. “It’s handled.”
  1. Breaking Bad: Arguably, the most addictive show to ever be on television. The show follows the life of a Chemistry teacher who begins making and selling crystal meth. Learn the ins and outs of basic chemistry terms from the comfort of your bed. “Chemistry is the study of matter. But I prefer to see it as the study of change.”
  1. Extreme Homes Collection: The insight into the world of architecture. The show follows the different processes of home construction from the building to the completion. The show examines homes of all different builds and “extreme” styles.

So next time you’re thinking about doing something more intellectual or beneficial, think about the basic terminology and methods of various topics you’re absorbing. Click that “Yes, I’m still watching” button with pride.