Silencing the Religious Protestors

Hoosier Hub | Kaitlyn Beck | October 27, 2015

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How far is too far when it comes to religious testimonies on campus?

Everyone on campus is familiar of the regular religious protestors outside Ballentine Hall. I mean how could you not see that damn billboard of a sign. But for those who happen to be unfamiliar, many religious preachers come to campus regularly with signs, posters, and offensive rhymes ready to chant out to students. Each preacher comes representing a different church, or religious practice. But each preacher has the same aggressive, hostile, and offensive language. So, how far is too far? What can we do to avoid this humiliation and discrimination?

The main victims of the discrimination are mainly females, gays, and Greek life students. Stereotypes of women “needing to be in the kitchen” and being “slutty” are regular low blows. Attacks against gays always cause uproar; condoning them to hell for being “faggots.” Greek life women are yelled at and labeled as “sor-WhORE-ity girls.”

Why would a man with a “message” want to offend more than allegedly “save” students? If you stand and listen, as I have before, you can’t help but laugh at the ignorant words and assumptions being made. Yes, it’s funny to us but the protestors are so serious. They spend God knows (pun intended) how long outside “preaching” day in and day out. Not to mention the work at home it takes to construct a sign that freakin’ big.

Brother Mickhill (uncertain on spelling) has depicted such hostility in some cases, that police have felt the need to monitor the situation. Brother Michkill claims he isn’t representing a specific church, but coming to teach. But is some air blimp sized sign reading “WHORE” a million times really what we should have to put up with? Why is it okay for some guy to scream, “You’re going to hell” as we innocently walk to class? The realization is that it’s not okay. Sure we all laugh and Snapchat their remarks, but seriously who the hell are they to address us that way?

The point is the protestors are ignorant. They shouldn’t be allowed to objectify woman or gays or other groups of people in the way they do. So let’s do something about it. Instead of pulling up your Snapchat, or joining the circle by the clock to scream back, maybe we should try ignoring him. Seriously how awkward would they feel if they were screaming, “You’re all prostitutes” to a group of silent people. They’d probably feel pretty awkward after a while. They want someone to argue with and get arise out of. If they have no one to argue with, they have no point in being there. Let’s make them less prevalent on campus.

I don’t know about you, but I’m about fed up with a guy proclaiming my ass in leggings to hell.