The Iran Deal and You

Why Foreign Policy Influences Your Daily Life

The More You Know | Sara Dobbins | October 27, 2015

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The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, more informally known as The Iran Nuclear Deal, is an agreement passed by the Permanent Five Plus One detailing the parameters of Iran’s Nuclear Capacity. In other words, will Iran have the ability to produce a nuclear weapon of mass destruction in in the next fifteen years; the answer is no, because of this deal. Here’s why this plan directly affects you.

Secretary of State John Kerry recently visited Indiana University (IU) to dedicate the new School of Global and International Studies. Kerry spoke of many foreign policy issues that play a major role on the world stage today in public policy, and even praised IU for their Little 500 race every spring. What Kerry really hit on was the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. He outlined the deal, reiterating the major points, which are as follows.

1. Centrifuge Reduction and Uranium, A Recipe for the Perfect Bomb

In layman’s terms, the Iran Deal reduces the number of machines available for Iran to enrich Uranium, a highly dangerous component used to construct weapons of mass destruction. Bombs, basically. Under the purview of this deal, Iran cannot harbor more than about 5,000 centrifuges. This is huge, because as a machine capable for enriching Uranium, having Iran being limited in this capacity is a win for every nation who is relatively scared of Iran possessing a WMD. Iran also has to stop enriching Uranium to nuclear levels for the next 10-15 years, ultimately rendering other nations who do not want Iran to have nuclear capabilities safe until at least 2030.

2. Iran Could Have a Weapon of Mass Destruction in a Matter of Months

If Iran wasn’t surpressed by the parameters of this deal, than instead of taking ten years to build a WMB, they could do it in “two to three months” as quoted by Kerry in his lecture. By signing on to this deal, the United States and other nations can strategically exclude Iran from the nuclear weapons club for at least another few years. Iran is just like that annoying friend who you never really want to invite to the party, but sometimes avoiding nuclear was works is in your best interest.

2. How Can We Trust Iran?

You really can’t trust anybody, especially on the world stage. There is absolutely no way to know for sure that Iran can be watched over constantly, or keep up their end of the deal. Talk about trust issues, Iran’s got them all. There are United Nations “watch dogs” in place just in case Iran needs a little element of the hover mom every now and then, but there is really no way to trust this nation, or any nation when it comes to nuclear weapons, fully.

3. How does this affect you?

It affects you more than you think. If Iran accelerates their nuclear program, were looking at another nation entering the nuclear weapons club, which strategically gives them more power. This power could be held over the Untied States, and affect how Iran decides to bargain with our nation in the future. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action affects you more than you realize. Iran could possess a nuclear weapon of mass destruction in your lifetime. What does this mean for your future?

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