The Top 10 Unknown Party Songs of 2015

Want to mix up your pregame playlist? Look no further!

Guilty Pleasures | Ben Yamaguchi | October 25, 2015

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Do you have a Glock in your ‘rari? Well if you don’t that’s fine because there won’t be any here. What do you mean? Sorry Bieber, not even you will be featured. At this point, everyone knows what the party bangers of 2015 are. It’s time to take a dive into the unknown songs of 2015 that have the potential to raise those heart rates, and bring out those party vibes that all Hoosiers crave on the weekends. Here are the criteria I set for a song to be considered “unknown” at this point in the year:

1. Roughly one million plays or less on Soundcloud. (“Back To Back” by Drake has 86 million plays and “The Hills” RL Grime Remix by The Weeknd which has been out for a month has 5.5 million plays, in case you needed a reference)

2. Released in 2015


Here we go!


10. Tazer x Tink – Wet Dollars (Zeds Dead Remix)

It’s hard to get catchier than this. Smooth beat, smooth vocals, smooth lyrics. This is a great one to get the party underway, and just so happens to clock in at number ten, getting this countdown underway.

9. R3hab and Nervo vs. Uberjak’d – Ready for the Weekend vs. Turn up the Club (Taao Cross Mashup)

Some of you may have heard these two songs individually, which were both released about a year ago (about 1-2 million plays). But this mashup brings out the best of them – the vocals of “Ready for the Weekend,” combined with the drop and extraordinary baseline of “Turn up the Club.”

8. Sander Van Doorn, Firebeatz, Julian Jordan – Rage

Get to the dance floor! It’s fist bumping time. This song really does Hoosier nation a justice with the name. We don’t party – we rage.

7. Cash Cash ft. Busta Rhymes, B.o.B & Neon Hitch – Devil

Ahh! Finally some household names! For the amount of plays this song has (roughly 990k), it’s very well-rounded. You’ve got your female vocals, big time rappers, and of course, a deadly drop. Despite the name “Devil,” it sure puts me in a party mood!

6. Quintino – Devotion

Rounding out the bottom half of the list is another hard-hitter. Bass, bass and more bass. Although very similar in format to “Rage”, I give this the edge with a more punctual, unique baseline.

5. Firebeatz and DubVision ft. Ruby Prophet – Invincible

Similar to “Rage” and “Devotion,” but the vocals push this song into the top five. If you’ve got a few drinks in your system and are headed to the dance floor while this song plays, there’s a good chance you’ll feel invincible out there.

4. Bobby Puma feat. Natalie Major – Someone Somewhere (Tiesto Edit)

This is really where the top “unknown” songs start to partition themselves from the pack. For being out three months, it baffles me that this song has fewer than 400k plays. Natalie Major absolutely kills it on the vocals, and the drop compliments them extremely well. Go find that someone somewhere on the dance floor and have a fantastic night.

3. Lucky Charmes – Skank ft. Wiley

Funky? Very. The beat and especially unique baseline really make this song an awesome one. It’s a little ratchet, but that’s what makes it beautiful.

2. Chocolate Puma and Tommie Sunshine ft. DJ Funk – Scrub the Ground

Although still “unknown,” I don’t think it will be for long. At about 870k plays in just over a month since it’s been released, this song is absolutely wicked. Talk about a high energy bass drop, this is the track that will really get that sweat going. If the dance floor is packed and it’s the middle of the night, I’d slip the DJ a five to queue this big boy up at one.

1. The Americanos ft. Lil Jon, Juicy J & Tyga – Blackout

Five months and only 380k plays?! Partiers across America should be a little offended with that, especially since there are some pretty big names in this one. I had no idea about it until my buddy Andrew Gjertsen showed me. I guess it makes sense, though; this song is probably played during the peak of parties here in Bloomington, but no one remembers! #Blackout