Kaitlyn Beck

Staff Writer | Public Relations

“I did not wake up like this”

  • The Worst Flight Companions - Don't Be This Traveler

    Flying is always hectic. Whether you arrive two hours early or barely make it through security on time, it's stressful. In my experience, there's a rule of thumb for airports: every hour you're early

  • 2015 Pinstripe Bowl: The Close-Call

    Known primarily for being a basketball school, many Hoosiers cheerfully welcomed IU's football success this season. Fans were surprised by the first home game win, ecstatic about the second and over-

  • 9 Times Calories Don't Count (Or Shouldn't)

    Food is hateful; it's so pretty and tempting. Food has the power to ruin a healthy eating week, or cancel out the 45 minutes of cardio you just sweated through. Food is a sneaky little b*tch. It's lik

  • Why Every College Girl Should Live by The Lala

    What is The Lala, you ask? The Lala is your best friend, your bible, your go-to advice outlet and a way to stay in touch with thousands of other women like you.

  • A Thank You Letter to My Adversity

    For many of us, growing up was carefree and easy. Our parents did their best to provide every opportunity they could. From enrolling us in sports, finding us the best schools and saving money for coll

  • An ode to my ex-"flings"

    We've all heard them, we've all seen them: the painfully unemotional "I'm not looking for a relationship" guy. Yes, he probably convinced you that putting titles on your relationship was "stressful"